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No engineer Show - Question closed incorrectly by Plusnet

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Registered: 11-08-2015

No engineer Show - Question closed incorrectly by Plusnet

Booked engineer didn't turn this morning - no reason given.  My question quite clearly said it should be closed tomorrow after they engineer had been - Plusnet closed it yesterday, so delay in booking another engineer.

Have been struggling with slowdown of speeds for over a year.  I was also advised that a new router would be sent to me but as the agent didn't make a note of it so nothing has been sent.

Totally unimpressed at appalling service

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Re: No engineer Show - Question closed incorrectly by Plusnet

i have had the exact same problem my internet speed has been running poorly for the last 3 weeks that i know off as my friend told me to do a speed test my speed should be running between 4-8 mbps however the say i noticed it was running at 0.9mbps they kept resetting the line however it only managed to get up to 1.5mbps they promised a engineer would be out on the 23/06/2016 after waiting in all afternoon they did not arrive i rang them and asked and they had no idea as to why? it turned out to be a dummy appointment so i have re booked a engineer to come out on Friday so fingers crossed someone will turn up this time because it is getting ridiculous i understand your frustration