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New plusnet customer - have to wait another week for my broadband

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New plusnet customer - have to wait another week for my broadband

Hi everyone
I'm a new plusnet customer. Ordered my telephone line and value broadband service through plusnet on Wednesday 15th March; received an email on the 19th to tell me my home phone line is now active, excellent!
However I had a call from plusnet on the 19th asking if I wanted to go ahead with my broadband order. "Eh?", I replied, I thought my order was already proceeding? "No sir, problem with your phone line, should now be sorted..Would you like to go ahead?" Not sure says, I. I'll have a think about it..
So I have a think about it and decide I can wait another two working days, phone plusnet back and decide to proceed with the order - speak to a very nice Asian lady who confirms the order is placed and that my broadband should be ready by the 26th March.
As its the 26th tomorrow, this morning I decide to check the progress of my order as I've had no further emails from plusnet, nor has my router arrived in the post. Hmm.... Order tracker is showing no progress..
So I phone plusnet and speak to a very nice Asian gentleman who confirms that I spoke to an agent on the 19th and that I didn't want to proceed with the broadband order. That is true I say, but I then phoned back and spoke to another agent to proceed with the order. Yes, says he, I can see that - however the agent didn't place the order.. Right, says I, what does that mean then? Well says the nice chap, if we re-submit the order today then your broadband should be up and running 5-7 working days...
So I have to wait another week for broadband.
I express that this is unacceptable mistake - the nice Asian chap agrees with me, apologises and says he will speak to the supervisor to see what can be done with regards to compensation..
I'm glad I don't rely on my broadband for business use as this would've driven me crazy having to wait another week.
Anyway, I've just had an email to say that a question has been raised on my account and the order tracker has also progressed...
I know we all make mistakes and I hope the customer service team take note of this, however it doesn't exactly instil one with confidence in the service.
It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New plusnet customer - have to wait another week for my broadband

Hi, stunut, we are definitely taking notice of this and would agree that it is not acceptable. I am investigating this as a potential training issue so we can nip this in the bud. We definitely owe you an apology for your expectations not being set correctly either here as it looks like we may have been able to deal with the broadband side of the order a little quicker. As it stands it is due to go through in 7 days from today. If you are able to check your account summary on the member centre I have applied a discount which I am hoping will be accepted as a good will gesture, we will keep a close eye on your order from here and hope that we can eliminate any further problems occurring so that we can recover from what looks like a bad start to things.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team