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New customer connection support

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Registered: ‎05-02-2015

New customer connection support

Absolutely fantastic support, thank you guys.   
I was advised that I might be without broadband all day tomorrow for the switch from BT but, from first thing today, I had no internet connection.  So potentially 48 hours with no connection.
Discussion with BT was useless. 
Discussion with Plusnet led to completion of my connection within a few minutes. 
If this is the level of service and support and that Plusnet provides, I am very pleased to be able to use your service now.
Don't let me down tho in the future!!
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Registered: ‎23-12-2014

Re: New customer connection support

Welcome to Plusnet and the forums!
If you're in need of more excellent support always for advise here Smiley
Thanks for the feedback