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New customer commentd

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New customer commentd


Decided to transfer from John Lewis (who use plusnet) as they do not do a TV package, should be straight forward? Wrong, lots of problems caused by jl putting a cease on my line, it seems I shouldn't have told them🤔 all sorted by gandalf. Got email and text yesterday saying phone line transferred, my account page says I don't have a phone package? Then got notification saying broadband transferred, installed new router and broadband working fine. Then broadband went down, all connected but no Internet phone still working normally so got through to technical support this morning (only 10 minute wait) who got it sorted, still says no phone so can't order TV package yet😞. So...... The point is things can and do go wrong but at least with plusnet you can get through to someone who can sort it out rather than someone whose English is poor and reads from a prompt card all the things you have already done,


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Re: New customer commentd

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): Topic moved from Billing to Plusnet Feedback.

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Re: New customer commentd

Thanks a lot for the feedback Chris, I'm sorry for the issues that happened along the way but I'm glad the transfer has gone through now. Gandalf is keeping an eye on getting the status of the phone service activated (as per ticket 184618148) and we'll be able to get the TV service added as soon as that's been sorted out. 


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