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New Webmail

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New Webmail

The old webmail service was a bit primitive, but I could forward a message, or multiple messages, to my work e-mail address when necessary.
In the new service the forward option doesn't seem to work at all.  If I highlight a selection of more than one message the forward icon then greys out and doesn't work.
If I click "forward" on one message the resulting window is a blank message, not the message I wish to forward.  This option doesn't therefore appear to be working in the new release.
Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me ?
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Re: New Webmail

Forward a single message has the options - forward in line or forward as an attachment both of which work but sending as an attachment shows a blank email with the attachment on the left but the recipient sees it as an attachment 
Forwarding multiple emails doesn't seem to work