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New Residential packages

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New Residential packages

I've just been looking through the new residential broadband pages and I'm a bit dissapointed. For those of us who live in a Market 1 or 2 area, the step between value £11.99 and unlimited £19.99 is very big - I would have preferred to see something equivalent to the old option 2 at about £15/mo with perhaps 20/30Gb usage. Is it still possible to prepurchase at about £0.75/gb?
Also, sacrificing 3 months at half-price, at the expense of an 18-month tie-in, isn't necessarily a choice I would like to take. Even BT give a choice on this one!
Is there a page somewhere which gives a 'tick-box' summary of the three new packages? e.g. static ip, fax-to-email etc, which used to be available on the higher residential packages. Also, has residential dialup been discontinued?
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Re: New Residential packages

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