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New Customer Experience

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Registered: ‎22-02-2012

New Customer Experience

As a fairly new customer (3 weeks) and just getting to grips with the various elements of this website, I have seen a number of complaints about service and was wondering whether I had made a good choice. Just to prove how we are all different may I say that I can have no complaint whatsoever. Trandsfer has been smooth and to schedule. A couple of calls to Customer Service have been handled with the utmost civility, (even when one of the problems was caused by by my stupid  miss-typing of some information), and I would assure new customers following that based on my experience they need have no worries.Perhaps those with other feelings might need to show some tolerance to anyone handling the myriad problems encountered in life, and check that the beam is not in their own eye..
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Re: New Customer Experience

Thanks for your feedback.
From my point of view, I would say that it is relatively normal to see people complaining on an online forum, as it is generally human nature to not post somewhere to say that you're happy.
I know we're not perfect, and due to the nature of the service that we provide, sometimes things can go wrong.  However, we (as both Plusnet in general and my team) will lways work as hard as we can to get things fixed.  We're also always looking for ways in which we can improve.
I don't think you made a bad choice Smiley