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New Business Fibre line and Account

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New Business Fibre line and Account

Just a quick note regarding my latest experience of PlusNet.
After having my home broadband with PlusNet since Dial p days, and having a business line at our HQ (albeit a 2mb line due to not having fibre and being miles from an exchange) as a small backup, we decided to swap out our expensive and occasionally faulting ADSL line at one of our remote offices.
I initially queried whether my UTM appliance would work with Fibre, plus a few other bits and bobs on the forum regarding business accounts, and these were answered by very helpful and knopwledgable guys from both PlusNet and the public.
From past experience with BT, I didn't trust them to keep an appointment 100% in order to come out and swap from a ADSL to Fibre, so I opted for a new BT line and Fibre install.  That way if they didn't turn up, the remote office wouldn't be having any issues connecting back to us.
The online signup went fine and trouble free, and was all done and dusted in no time.  Had the phone number, and the static IP ahead of time too.
BT did turn up as scheduled, had the line installed in a couple of hours, and the FTTC broadband service was active too.
The only hiccup was when I replaced the PlusNet router with my UTM, and some websites failed to load, but that seemed to be the MTU setting on the UTM, not the line or ISP.
If I had to put any negatives, it was just some standard ticket responses.  I was kept informed of things via their ticketing system, but some generic replies such as "We're sending you the router" and "make sure you're at the premises", when it's a remote office which I'm not at, and the router would be no good coming to me, caused me to get clarification a couple of times.
So it's pretty much been all positives so far.  Smiley  Hopefully the line is a lot more stable than the existing ADSL line which will be disconnected once the FTTC line has proved itself reliable. 
Attached is the last 24 hours ping test comparison between existing ADSL, and PlusNet FTTC, which so far looks better.
People wonder why I still pay £20 for my broadband separately at home instead of bundling it all together with Sky BT, I tend to reply with "It works, is great for what I need, and I've not had any problems. so why change.". I also doubt I can get help via a forum from staff with any other ISP's  Smiley
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New Business Fibre line and Account

Thanks very much for sharing your experience, I'm really glad it's been a mainly positive experience!
We're working on the different ways that we can communicate better when it comes to the initial order journey and we're underway with this Smiley
I look forward to seeing you around the Forums.