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Never been so bad

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Never been so bad

I've been with PlusNet for 12 years (god knows why) and I've never found it so difficult to find information. I have spent ages trying to find out how much the Line Rental Saver is now and when it went up from last years price and failed. I see where it offers LRS but no price given. What is wrong with PlusNet now hiding everything? There are no telephone numbers displayed anywhere for help it's become a joke. For god sake get some decent management back who know about customer service.
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Re: Never been so bad

Just to make one point
Trying to find the cost of LRS is easy  Grin
Start from the home page
Click on Broadband and phone
Click on show details
Click on £16.99  Line Rental and Bob's your uncle - up it pops
Pay 12 months line rental in advance for £185.88, equivalent to a monthly price of £15.49.