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Naked VDSL

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Naked VDSL

Wondering if Plusnet would ever investigate the possibility of Naked DSL at least for FTTC....
For ADSL it didn't make much difference as the copper pair still had to go back to the exchange anyway, but with FTTC you only actually need the Copper pair between the FTTC cab and the customer premises for the broadband to work.
Not sure if it would save much in line rental, but you'd like to hope given that there would no longer be a pair between the exchange and FTTC cab for BT to maintain there would be some savings to be had.
I'm sure there's plenty of people who just have their line for broadband and would happily ditch the voice service if the option was available.
I know with ours if the line was damaged/broken somewhere between the FTTC cab and the exchange or in the exchange it could probably be down for ages before we'd even notice.
If the broadband went down however is a totally different story.
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Re: Naked VDSL

If Plusnet's suppliers (BT Wholesale) don't offer it as an option there's nothing Plusnet can do. Your only option would be to moan at OFCOM about this not being offered.
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