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My experience so far - positive!

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My experience so far - positive!

Placed order at new property for phone line with fibre.
Took about 3 weeks for phone line to be activated and engineer appeared in the morning to install fibre.
Quoted speeds of 46.4Mbps/14.2Mbps down/up.
Sorted, connected, then router died (no power at all). Connected through modem, speeds of 7.7Mbps down and 12.4Mbps up (which doesn't bother me at the start)
Got router replaced and arrived 2 days after install which was quick! Reported router issue and new one arrived next day.
Connected, speeds 49.3Mbps and 12.5Mbps up.
Had some drops in connection Friday night but there was a lightning storm so put them down to that and it wasn't more than a few mins, no more than 4 drops.
A side note: Engineer was TOP NOTCH. Called 10mins ahead of time. Arrived, was doing his work, popped out to cabinet/exchange and told him to just come back in when he came back, he still politely knocked and waited, had a 2min sit down on the stairs and had a cuddle with my little dog and when all sorted left with no mess. He ALSO called my next day from his mobile to check everything was working ok! Brilliant service Mr Gav, OR engineer.
Just to modify: Phone activated Wednesday, fibre installed from about 11pm Wednesday, ordered replacement router Thursday, arrived Friday, all fine and dandy.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: My experience so far - positive!

HI All4One,
Glad to hear you're happy with your service, give us a shout if you've any questions.