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My 1st Month With Plusnet!

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My 1st Month With Plusnet!

Hey everyone im steve from scotland,think the service ive recieved from plusnet so far needs to be mentioned here.I have been with plusnet just over a month after migrating from tiscali.I have experienced great customer service by either raising a ticket,by phone and also here on there forums,my migration was hastle free and on time like plusnet had told me,I was told every step of the way what was happening by email,I was on plusnet unlimited but as a gamer i have newly moved to the pro package and that too was hastle free and on time,My tickets have been answered within atleast 6 hrs and always someone to help me out with a problem on the forums,I have never experienced this at all the whole year i was with tiscali,After joining plusnet i used my router but then requested kindly if i could be sent out  the free router i declined when signing up,Again that was hastle free and i paid the postage and recieved the router within 3 days.As for my broadband all i can say is that its Fantastico!!no Major problems whatsoever,ive learnt alot on the forums when it comes to trying to get as much speed as possible and ive learnt some ins and outs of router statistics thanks to plusnets forums and the nice people that are always there to help you best they can in your hour of need,All this in one month!! Cheers to the next 17 months!!Oh one more thing,i am in the middle of moving my home phone from bt to plusnet and ive been kept in the know the whole time and that too has been hastle free so far,plusnet i salute you!! Smiley
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Re: My 1st Month With Plusnet!

Hi Steve,
Glad to hear things have been good for you so far - please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you. Certainly very glad to hear we've impressed you, too - thanks!