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Muppets!!! - edit *** but not tech support ***

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Muppets!!! - edit *** but not tech support ***

I haven't even got my order yet and people are screwing around!!! Angry Angry Angry
Made my order on Saturday - set the 25th for activation date [full fibre and phone] as my BT contract ends on 24th.
Got my MAC code and was advised by sales to phone it in so they could verify it correctly.
Phoned it in today. Bloke doing it couldn't make it work and said he would do it "manually" as it was correct.
I even said that I want it on 25th.
This evening a receive an email that says activation will be on the 16th. Crazy Angry
When I finally got through to "support" just before they closed the bloke I was talking to said "there was nothing they could do" and "BT wont mind" and lots of other garbage like "well we cant do it on the 25th" - I asked what had happened since Saturday after noon when the system made no objection..........
As it was shift end [5mins] he said there was no higher authority to talk to,
On Saturday I phoned "support" to ask a technical line question to find out the delay was "over 30 minutes",ffs.
At least with BT I could get through to someone - even though they wouldn't do anything not on their script.

EDIT ****************************** YAAY FOR THE TECHIES *************************

Tried Tech support, and after a 28 minute wait, got through to a chap who sorted it out in less than 5 minutes  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
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Re: Muppets!!! - edit *** but not tech support ***

Hi miker1156,
Glad to see that you've got this sorted, apologies for the wait.
You can always raise a ticket to us - if you don't fancy calling.