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Moving Preferred Installation Date - Disappointed

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Moving Preferred Installation Date - Disappointed

When I signed up for PlusNet Fibre Extra, I set an installation date of 6/11/2012 and arranged for someone to be at the property, off work, during that time.
Now, I get a text message and some sort of support ticket (which no one every replies to, or seemingly views) stating that the date has moved to 12/11/2012 and then a further one the next day saying 13/11/2012!
What kind of customer service is this? What's going on? Why ask for an installation date in the first place if it's not being adhered too?
I haven't even started using PlusNet yet (and was very reluctant to move from O2, and only did due to their lack of Fibre) and already I'm regretting the decision to move ISP. Looking at the other comments on this forum, I fear I have made a terrible, terrible mistake signing up for PlusNet. I need a stable, reliable ISP whom I can trust and PlusNet don't seem to be that from my first impressions!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving Preferred Installation Date - Disappointed

Really sorry about this, it's clear that when you signed up for the fibre service an expectation seems to have been set that the dates you requested would definitely be fulfilled, I'm not aware that we provide absolute confirmation during that process though. However in cases where a transfer of the phone service from another provider is involved that means we have to place the orders manually so it should be more a case of we'll endeavour to book one of those dates if available. However as the system that offers the appointments is live (i.e they are available appointments when you sign up) but there's a chance they many no longer be available when we come to book it manually for you.
I'm personally involved in some work in making recommendations to see what we can improve about that experience and what expectations are set at that stage so I'm sorry if you've felt that the experience with us has been misleading or disappointing so far.
With regards to a text mentioning the 13th, that isn't actually a confirmation of an appointment. It's a notification that goes out when a broadband order is placed with our supplier, currently this gives the date as the following day. I can perfectly understand how that could have been misinterpreted though and I'm sure this is something we can look at changing too.
Looking at the other comments on this forum, I fear I have made a terrible, terrible mistake signing up for PlusNet.

I'm sorry that you have that impression of us too. The nature of forums does mean that issues and any complaints are far more visible as people are less likely to to post when there's no issues at all.
I sincerely hope things go more smoothly from here, FYI I'm about to update ticket 61240051 with some information for you.

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 Adam Walker
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