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Migration to plusnet experience

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Migration to plusnet experience

Hi, Having posted before asking what other peoples migration to plusnet experiences were as i was just about to go through the hoops, i thought i would share mine.

On line sales enquiry was good.

I like web chat  and somebody picked up immediately and explained all the options etc . I was given a migration to plusnet  - date, and the router arrived well in advance.

The migration day came ... and went - no broadband! But in the evening of the actual day, again I phoned plusnet, and had positive experience of chatting to support person.

Next day - again - web chat with support group, saying i was still off line. The guy looked at issue, went away to make a phone call (engineer problem apparently on the day), and within half a day hours, I was on line.

So all in all very good. thank you plusnet.


ps My speeds are not great on day 1. But i assume I leave this for 10 days or so, to see how it settles?


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Re: Migration to plusnet experience

I have been with them now for over a months, and to be honest once you have gone through youre first month cant say the service stays the same rang someone the other day to move to fiber optic and she was very rude, and now I wish I never join plusnet.

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Re: Migration to plusnet experience

Hello @ekimrob


Thanks for taking the time to post your positive feedback. It's really nice to hear about your experiences when things go well - apologies that the migration wasn't seamless though.


If you're still having problems after the 10 days please feel free let me know and I'll do what I can to help.

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Re: Migration to plusnet experience

Our experience was pretty grim.

When we moved house we migrated from a very slow but pretty reliable BB connection (Plusnet) to a FTTC fibre connection. The original, slow, BB connection was, i think, migrated twice by Plusnet with no problems.

The install was cancelled, rebooked, failed, fixed, not fixed etc.

A couple of times engineers turned up to "do something" but weren't sure what the "something was".

One turned up to move the master socket, which no one had asked for, wasn't needed or wanted. Nice chap tho.

IIRC they didn't charge us for the service we didn't have (and it seemed to be that by not charging us they were "doing us a favour") and we didn't get penny one in compensation for the hassle.


The good news it it's set the expectation level and we're not upset that the service/connection is right up there with vodafone & southern rail.

OK, not that bad but it seems to pack up every two months and either requires Plusnet intervention, help from the user forum,  or after a few days it automagically fixes itself.

Based on our experience with the BB I would recommend Plusnet and the migration process was good. The FTTC migration was shocking and unless there is a turn around in reliability I think we will be leaving.

Oh look... The connections started dropping again. Ticked_off

Once i've done the router swap out fandango, i'll be opening another ticket. Angry

 EDIT ... and you try and log into "member centre" and you get "response code 403". And absolutely nothing else. It's getting better, growing stronger, warmer and wilder... getting better everyday (do-do-de doo). etc.


EDIT Again.... Well look at that. My password was wrong. Silly me. And the same one in the password manager was wrong, too. And the same one in the password manger backup.

And the same one in that's been in the router since we connected all those moths ago.

How strange.

I wonder why we'd be forced to change the password? Can't imagine.

Anyway, I didn't come here to just talk talk - I have a problem! Mind you it's been a couple of hours so it might of "gone away"....

Nope. Still busted. Still I can now log into the "members center", which is a step forward... Thumbs_Up