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Might have to take back what i said!!!

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Registered: ‎21-06-2010

Might have to take back what i said!!!

After first signing up to Pulsnet i was very impressed the first week as my average speeds were good infact better than
Orange and Sky ...So i asked to upgrade since i made that phone call my speeds have dropped by 1.5 meg
At first 5.65   Smiley
Now   4.12     Angry
That's a big drop
Update : I have just sat down thought id whatch a film online and 20 seconds in the internet connections terminated !!!b Thats no good to me what's so
ever this also happens using Skype..... Should of stayed with SKY me thinks
After been ith you for a week im thinking of terminating the Contract and i guess that will be at my expense>>> Hello the customer the one that pay's for your service
and without us they would be no Pulsnet
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Re: Might have to take back what i said!!!

Hi Ki,
having looked at your account I can see, as a new subscriber,  you're still in your 10 day training period. Have a look at section 2 on this page:
and you will see that the reasons for many of the issues you have raised so far can probably be put down to this. Your first connection was at 16:04 on the 18/06/2010 so once it has been ten days from this time we would expect the line to have configured itself to its optimum capabilities.
Jojo Smiley