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Low cost area page needs an update

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Low cost area page needs an update
Screen shot of usertools exchange checker is out of date.
Why are you still working on Market 1/2/3 and not the A/B from the 2014 classification?
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Re: Low cost area page needs an update

Interesting Samknows is still not using the A/B classification so has it actually come into effect
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Re: Low cost area page needs an update

Ofcom Published Review of the wholesale broadband access markets - Final statement on 26/06/2014 where the final paragraph in About this Document says
On 19 May 2014, we notified to the European Commission for comments our draft statement, which explained our decisions to ensure this market remains competitive. The notification process was completed on 19 June 2014 and this final statement brings our decisions into effect.

... so their decisions are now in effect
The classifications shown in the checker reflect those in the original consultation. Some changes have been made for the final recommendation, some original market As became Bs, but also a small number of Bs became A. In my opinion the latter changes don't make sense, but I'm not aware of any correction being issued.
As far as I'm aware Plusnet have not made any public reference to the new classification scheme.