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Lovely Compensation!

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Registered: ‎18-06-2012

Lovely Compensation!

You may have seen my posting after I'd been offline for 45 days - wondering if this was unusual, average or what.
However, today I have had an e-mail and two telephone calls (on my newly restored line - I'd almost forgotten how to use it!). Plusnet offered me an incredible THREE MONTHS  FREE!  And I'd only been offline for just over six weeks. Such largesse!  It seemed almost churlish on my part to mention the £20-odd quid I'd had to put onto our mobiles, and the £25 quid I'd spent on using a mifi; but times are hard, we're all in it together, and of course dividends need to be maintained at a respectable level, not to mention the bonuses of our hard-working directors.  Like the company motto says: 'We'll do you proud'.
So the dilemma is: do I take this generous offer, or forfeit it to allow the company to burgeon in that uniquely Yorkshire gritty way?  I welcome your advice.
(A cynical friend maintains that I wouldn't have been so generously compensated if it weren't for the fact that I'd written to my MP, and he in turn had written a stiff letter to the MD of BT. Who knows?).

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Re: Lovely Compensation!

You might aswell take it while you can . . . .  Wink
I ordered over a month ago and im still waiting to be connected yet. BT OutofReach messed something up that was then only realised on the day i was supposed to be connected up and so they couldnt connect me, but to compensate me Plusnet put me at the back of the que and made me wait another 4 weeks. It was only by chance that someone from BT OutofReach left me a message to confirm the installation date and time, which was different to what Plusnet had been saying for a month.
Todays the day and nows the time (8am-1pm slot), so here i am forcing myself to stay awake waiting for that elusive phone call from the engineer (i work nights by the way).
Lets see what happens.