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LousyService To Infinity & Beyond

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LousyService To Infinity & Beyond

How common is this? Having the run around today & suspect its bad tactics at Plusnet.

Old card expired so 1 month bill outstanding as at 25 May 2021 (collection date), today is 30 May 2021, immediately updated account details with new card details and to pay amount of circa £23. Don't know if amount taken as yet but yesterday new email saying no payment.


So cannot access plusnet billing due to plusnet; so catch 22 with these clowns of lousy service?

Time to go back to TalkTalk/BT or Sky as never had throttling of services to the account by the same service provider? I guess they want me to call them so that I can be told off despite the update of payment info or wish to penalise me by denial of service or late payment charges?


All virus scans, settings checked & resets done occupying 3 hours of my work and the only site problems are PLUSNET below AS PLUSNET REFUSED TO CONNECT?


Is this how it works at PLUSNET; I wonder if its the same technical crew from Hull? That may explain some of the problems experienced.


Previous customer also posted similar experiences, DID YOU OR DO YOU?

Tks for reading!


This site can’t be reached refused to connect.


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Re: LousyService To Infinity & Beyond

So reading between the lines of your shouty post it seems that despite presumably having a new card some time ago you left it until Plusnet advised that they had set up the payment on your expired card until you updated your card details, therefore the payment failed?

This is all Plusnet's fault and you resent having to ring in to get the service back up and running?

Direct Debit is good.

Remember the cancellation charges if moving on.

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Re: LousyService To Infinity & Beyond

Bear in mind that it was a weekend and today is a Bank Holiday. Possibly any delays are due to that?

As Baldrick writes, a Direct Debit is a far simpler and reliable method of paying.