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Lost password pages

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Lost password pages

Ok, I am having to waste my time resolving a plusnet billing issue - thanks to the business person I've just finished speaking with. You were most understanding and will be helpful.  In the process of attempting to get to the bottom of the problem I had to log in to my second plus net account - the first time ever! Due to my error I couldn't remember or find my password - so the plusnet web page directs me to contact  0845 1400 200.  This I did and hung on for 6/7 minutes and then asked for help in retrieving my password. The operative was courteous and informed me that he couldn't help as I am a business customer.  He gives me the "right" phone number for business customers.  So why do you not put on that web page : Residential customers please contact 0845 1400 200 whilst Business customers should ring 0114 296 5182.  Just common sense, aint it?
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Re: Lost password pages

Hi there,
I'm passing feedback regarding this one, as anyone should be able to help you with a password query.
Apologies for the hassle you've had here, but for future instances it's best to ring the Business Support line for everything. You get dedicated support you might as well use it. Wink
Their number is on the business pages, and the contact us page in Help and Support (we've got the page you mention listed to update also).