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Long time Plusnet customer feeling disillusioned with the service I'd praised...

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Long time Plusnet customer feeling disillusioned with the service I'd praised...

I'm actually surprised that I feel the need to make a topic here, but after the events of the past couple of weeks and being effectively put on hold for the time being I felt that I wanted to say something....
On the 14th of January I received a call from PN's sales/customer services team asking me if I was happy with my product or wanted to upgrade anything. I've been sitting on the dslchecker site waiting for fibre availability in my area and the last time I checked it was still unavailable so I told the PN lady that I was looking to upgrade to fibre but there was no current availability. She told me that I was incorrect and that fibre was available, but naturally I wanted to check myself and so I declined any changes at that moment and checked myself.....and lo and behold fibre was ready to roll. That being the case I chatted to a nice guy at PN about switching over to a fibre and phone package and dates for the switch were set.
Spin forward a couple of weeks and after an Openreach Engineer no-show it turns out that BT have now changed their mind on availability citing it as the 11th of February now (and bearing in mind this date has moved back on a monthly basis so I'm taking it with a pinch of salt) and that they cancelled the broadband change over accordingly. However, my telephone line has still been switched over to PN, but because I'm not on fibre I'm now on the Weekends only phone package rather than the expected Evening and Weekends.
Now I'm not blaming PN for the fibre date change, however at no point had I ever agreed on any phone service other than that included in the bundle so with the sudden non-availability of what I agreed upon I'm left with an inferior service that I'm paying more for than the change I agreed. After querying this I've been either ignored (tickets just reset back to hold with no comments to wait for the 11th fibre date) or told I'm a victim of circumstances and that there's nothing that can be done, and if I wanted that Phone package I thought that I was getting I'd need to pay more for it, although either way I'm stuck until the end of the month. (couldn't believe that the message I had left on my phone included the phrase "this is Plusnet by the way" a few sentences after the chap had started talking!)
As I said I don't blame PN for the lack of fibre, but I feel that the communication about this issue has been abysmal (I didn't even find out that the engineer wasn't coming/the package had been aborted until after I'd hung around all day and then called PN myself, tickets put on hold with no comment over my concerns) and that I've been left on something that I would never have agreed to in the first place (and that I have never actually agreed to) and asked to pay more again to receive the phone package that I actually had agreed. Two different PN people confirmed that the package was available so I fail to see how I'm paying the price for a mistake that was not of my own making....I almost feel like PN "slammed" me. I've always praised PN (which is why I've been a customer since 2005) but I'm not feeling particularly well handled and assuming BT do the usual and roll back the fibre date again I actually feel like I might look elsewhere for the first time in 10 years....
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Re: Long time Plusnet customer feeling disillusioned with the service I'd praised...

Hi there,
I'm really sorry for the experience you've had changing over to fibre thus far. I've had a look into this for you and added a response to your open ticket, to avoid posting any account specifics on the forum Smiley