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Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years

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Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years



I had been toying with the idea of leaving PlusNet 18 months before but wanted to give it one last shot to see if anything really changed, so locked myself in. I can relate to many things that Jelv talks about in his leaving post.


My leaving date is 06/04. I was first introduced to PlusNet by a colleague back in 2008 using the referral system, and was happy to pay more for a better service (at the time I was with Tiscali), Pro Addon (I had this up until 18months ago), uk call centre, ticketing system with fast responses, consistent good speeds. My referrer migrated a few years ago.


Over the last few years I've been disappointed with the direction that the company has taken, competing with bargain basement ISPs (Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it is good value.) and seeming to hold longer each phone call or wait many days for a generic reply to a ticket. - In this regard, I found forum members to be much more helpful or be able to refer me onto staff who could help. I also understand that its PlusNet's prerogative to take their company in what direction they feel makes them the most money, so it is over to AAisp for me.


A big thank you to @Townman @Anotherone @MatthewWheeler and Tony Thompson(sp) along with other PlusNet staff who have helped me over the years.



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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years

Hear, hear!   I couldn't quite justify AAisp's cost for unlimited 75Mbs FTTC so went with Zen.  My transfer date is 29 March.  When there are no problems PN is fine.  It's when something falls over and you hear yet again that they're experiencing 'exceptionally call demands' and 'wait times are approaching x minutes' that paying a bit more for decent support is a worthwhile spend.

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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years


Please let us know how it goes. I came close to deserting PN last summer but in the end I stayed because a) I was offered a £2.50pcm for a 1-year Unlimited ADSL contract without asking for it.  b) When I rang Zen to make an enquiry I was put on to voicemail and the salesman failed to call me back. I took this as a bad sign. Even with Zen I see some customers saying things aren't what they used to be.

When my current contract with PN ends I will re-evaluate the situation but it looks very likely I too will be deserting the sinking ship.

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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years

Hi Dan,

Sad to learn that you are leaving.  I hope that the transfer goes smoothly and BTw do not loose your current line on your over subscribed / full cabinet. Hope you are soon be settled in the new home.  As others have asked, please come back and share with us the depth of green of the grass is elsewhere.


Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years

Virgin 100mb line ordered and installation on 13/4 Smiley


Been with these guys for about 3 years however the last month has been excruiating. I've had connection issues for the past month and dealing with support is like bashing my head against a brick wall. The final straw was on Wednesday where the support staff refused to escalate my call to their manager. I instantly signed up to Virgin after that experience.

The sad thing is when I first joined Plusnet and had issues, their support staff seemed to be quite knowledgable and technically proficient. I have no idea what's happened to them but it's not a pretty sight.

After 19 years of using ADSL, it had to take the recent poor experience with Plusnets tech support to finally make me move over to cable. I have to admit if things go smoothly with Virgin then I may bump upto the 200mb line and see what that's like Smiley

19 days and counting to end my nightmare with Plusnet.

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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years

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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years

Today's the day i end my nightmare with Plusnet (assuming my cable installation goes without any hiccups).

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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years

and a new nightmare begins with Virgin.
just remember Virgins stock response to any issue is "reboot the router".
it won't solve the problem but it'll get you off the phone.
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Re: Leaving PlusNet after 9~ years