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Just a great Service

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Registered: ‎10-02-2009

Just a great Service

Dear Plusnet,
I just wanted to thank all of your technical teams help and support to resolve the problem that I was having with my broadband speed.  This turned out to be a problem with the modem router and not with the services you provide.
It was really terrific both in terms of the support advice over the telephone and the detailed advice provided through the website mail.  Much more responsive and comprehensive than some other ISPs  I have dealt with trying to fix other peoples systems.
It was just very practical and comprehensive making it easy for me to trace the fault in my system. The help desk support team really did sympathise with the problems I was experiencing, which is reassuring when you know that it could be a problem with your hardware or software rather than the Broadband service. I have learnt a lot in the last 24hrs or so about line speed connection rates and fault finding and fixing. Not just a ‘do this or that’ instructions but actually explaining why this was required. If it goes wrong again at least I will know what to do to try and trace the fault.
Undertaking tests on the line to ensure that this was not at fault was instigated without question – not as some other ISP do getting you to check out everything about your system to ensure this is working before they do anything. They provided me with a  test router at no charge which arrived the next day which really helped getting things sorted out quickly
They even gave me great advice on the broadband package that would suit my usage and changed this instantly to one that gave me more for less cost.  That is just a great service.  No better than this  a  fantastic service.
I have been with Plusnet for about 5 years now and whilst this is the biggest problem I have had I can say that my past experience of the help and support service has been just as good.
I have to say that in my view and with some experience most ISPs can match Plusnet in terms of packages for bandwidth and usage possibly at a lower cost or comparable cost but none can match it in terms of the technical support service team or for that matter the online help and support advice through the website.  I can remember dealing with one ISP service provider that unfortunately has a monopoly on the supply of physical line connections to most of us in the UK  Their attitude was very much unless you had really quite high level IT knowledge you should pay them an installation fee for setting up the service.  This was not cheap.
I have also dealt with another that really as a company are more noted for providing a mobile phone service who have the attitude that unless the modem router has been supplied by them the problem is always the modem router.  The problem is that the modem routers that they supply are really not very reliable or that good and when you do have a problem they just send out another modem on the basis that the poor quality of these is more than likely the fault.  It can also take 30 – 40 mins to get through to the technical support service and you seriously have the impression that the people on the help desk are paid or quality monitored on the number of calls they deal with and not the problems that they resolve.  This is not the case with Plusnet and an open question or problem is not closed until this is resolved.
What I am saying is that a really important thing to consider in choosing your ISP is the quality of the support and advice you get when things are not working.  As Plusnets main business is as an ISP the support provided is just so much better than others I have dealt with and even though I could buy a similar package from one of Plusnets competitors and sign up to a long term contract for a little less money I would rather have the knowledge that when I have a problem my ISP will help me to resolve this quickly and efficiently.  Plusnets service treats its customers as important and special and the problems you have as important to them as they are to you
A really first class service and I will recommend Plusnet to anybody that is thinking about changing providers or for anybody that is having problems with the current service provider.
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Re: Just a great Service

Hi Andrew.
Welcome to the forums and thank you for the indepth feedback.
All customer comment is welcome and indeed has helped us grow and adapt over the years. Its fantastic when customers take the time to give us the detail which you have. I sincerely hope that we continue to live up to you expectations and meet your needs.
You know where to come if we dont. The good feedback is always welcome but we also need to know when we get it wrong.
Thanks again for your comments. They are greatly appreciated.