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I've been with Plusnet for about 4 years.
A year or two ago I ordered fibre (FTTC) and the order was placed, engineer appointment made etc.
No engineer turned up.
"Sorry sir, the order was cancelled..didn't we tell you??"
No, they didn't.
Anyway, last week I tried again - placed an order for FTTC - mainly because it was priced at less than what I was already paying Plusnet for standard ADSL.  They generated an order, made an appointment for an engineer to visit this morning etc.
The appointment was for between 8am and 1pm.  So I postponed work arrangements and stayed in at home eagerly waiting.
By 11am I was not feeling confident that anyone would turn up.  Phoned Plusnet to check they were sure an engineer would definitely come.
"Oh, sorry sir, that appointment was cancelled because the "supplier" didn't receive the order from us."
They had known this for a few days but didn't see fit to inform me either by telephone or email.  I had been checking my Plusnet inbox over the last few days in the knowledge there was this order taking place, but there was no message regarding any cancellation of the appointment that they had set up.
I was of course more than irritated, this being the second time it happened.  The lady I was speaking to at customer services got mysteriously cut off (I have Plusnet home phone so that's down to them too) so I sent a message online to them.
Their reply was outrageous:
"Dear Mr Ross,
I can now confirm that the order has been accepted and the appointment booked for 05/03/13 between 1 PM and 6 PM.
Please ensure that you are at the property during this period as the engineer will need access to install the fibre equipment. If the engineer cannot gain access, a missed appointment fee of £50 will be due. "
I did not make any appointment for March 5th.  As far as they are concerned I am probably busy at work on that day.
And if a missed appointment is worth fifty quid, then that's a hundred quid they owe me for two appointments that they have failed to keep.
The way it stands I am now looking for a different supplier as I have not the time or patience to deal with these jokers or their "outside suppliers" (BT obviously).  I don't want to miss another day of work for another appointment that they probably won't keep.
If I wanted to get taken the p*** out of by BT I would have gone to BT directly!
Jokers, but their jokes aren't particularly funny.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Jokers

Hi wross,
I'm really sorry for how this has gone... twice now. I'll be feeding back on the reply to the ticket you quote. I can also see you have a complaint raised and are awaiting a response to that, I'll nudge our complaints team in your direction in the hope that we can resolve this for you and progress with the order.
I hope we manage to get everything sorted out for you and will make sure to keep an eye on things from now on.
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Registered: ‎27-02-2013

Re: Jokers

Oh my god it gets worse.
You tell me that it's going to be sorted out, then I get emails telling me the 'order is complete', even though I said I don't want to go ahead until the issue is resolved.  You send me another router (now I have 3) and then a huge bill appears on my account.

Time to cancel the bank authorisation I think.

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It gets worse every day.  You right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.  Your technical IT people and your accounts people and your computer system and your 'customer support' people seem to be living on different planets from eachother with little or no communication between them.