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Jameseh appreciation thread!

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Jameseh appreciation thread!

Referred a friend, all seemed well but Jamesh had to ride in on his ever familiar white horse to help, which seems to be a popular storyline amongst the regulars here!
I sent Jamesh a message earlier on just asking if it was going to be today as the Portal said it would, turns out the activation had been cancelled. Jamesh spent an hour on the phone to BT who, from what i can gather made a complete [insert sweary word here] of it.
They activated the phone line on the 17th, and because of a hiccup at their end they cancelled my referrals broadband activation which was due to start today. BT really suck [Insert male genitalia here].
Marks out of 10
Plusnet Staff (Jameseh) - 9 (to be upgraded to 10/10 if it works next time)
BT - 0 (for being down right pants)
Plusnet Order Tracker - 0 (still says awaiting activation and will be complete today after 12pm)
jim:green changed jamesh to jameseh to keep everyone happy mod:end
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Re: Jamesh appreciation thread!

As I assume you aren't talking about me I have changed the name to Jameseh  Grin