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It's time for Plusnet to bring in

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It's time for Plusnet to bring in

I do think it time for Plusnet to bring in new product 160/30 & 330/50 because BT, EE, TalkTalk, Vodafone, IDNet, Zen & Sky all are now bring product.


So, come on PN get your ball rolling in.

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Re: It's time for Plusnet to bring in

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Re: It's time for Plusnet to bring in

@goldenfibre  My view, for what it’s worth.

Plusnet are BT's budget ISP offering bog standard products at prices that are comparative with other budget ISPs. Whilst BT plc have both BTRetail and EE offering upmarket products at higher prices where is the incentive to allow Plusnet to enter this market?

Let’s face it, Plusnet are not their own masters, they are but pawns in a much bigger corporate game. Maybe the plan is to let Plusnet just wither away and use it as a cash cow until that happens?

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