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Internet connection

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Internet connection

I had no internet connection due to (very stupidly) not setting up a new router i received (fibre as opposed to wire)

I got through to a very helpful Plusnet support person at approx 09.10 am on 27-03/20 called Natalie, who had the patience to talk me through the set up process and also check it was working afterwards

Think she did a brilliant job given the current call volumes (due to CVD 19)

Given how many people are at home now given the lock down this type of exemplary service is much appreciated

All good now

Thank you! 

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Re: Internet connection


A warm welcome to the forums.  It is refreshing to find someone's first post is to say thank you.

The majority of people are quick to complain but very reluctant to say "thank you" when they have been helped out.  You would not be wrong in recognising the present challenges.  I am sure that the staff do appreciate your kind words ... even if they have not had time to post back a "thank you" to you.  The reality is that some of the 'nicety' replies might not happen at the moment, as they deal with those who (like you had) have no working connection.

I hope all goes well for you from here, if you do encounter issues, this is always a good place to seek help.  There is a wealth of knowledge and help to be found here from customers and staff alike.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.