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I've had enough!!!!

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I've had enough!!!!

My full email to Plusnet today, I just can't take anymore.
"Hi Mand,

I have just returned from a business trip only to find that my broadband speed is just as slow as it's always been since joining Plusnet. I am also a little disappointed that despite your personal assurances to me that you had taking ownership of my ongoing problems, you have not responded to my previous email.

Can you please answer the following queries.

Why has my ASDL+2 not been upgraded, the job was due to complete on 29-03-10?.  "Just another failure"

Why are entries on "my questions" not sent by email. The system is next to useless.

Why has the £45.48 Plusnet stole from me on 10-03-10 only reached my bank account today despite a credit note having been raised on 19-03-10.

Why have you not replied to my email below.
As I have previously stated in my communications with Plusnet, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated regarding the service, or lack of it, provided to date and that I consider that you have breached your contract with me and therefore I consider this good reason to terminate my agreement.

Please be warned that this is my very last attempt at getting the service I have apid for, if this fails then termination will follow"

PN you're shocking........absolutely shocking........I don't want your 3 months free gestures, you could give mea lifetime free and it still would not compensate.
I'm off to top myself now!
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Re: I've had enough!!!!

Hi there,
I've responded to your email, sorry for the delay.