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Hub One Feedback

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Hub One Feedback

To get straight to the point, this thing is an awful piece of equipment - sorry, but it needs to be said.


The hardware specs look fair, but in reality I'm willing to bet it's the software that lets us down here.


I'm only using my hub as an additional AP to my (awesome) ASUS router - I hate to waste good hardware and to see an AC capable router perform so badly astonishes me - I could buy another ASUS, I probably will, but what a waste of money, solder, parts and the environment?!



In short the Hub One likes to do the following:


- Won't stream any kind of media, audio from Apple Music, Netflix, iPlayer, you name it, won't stream a thing, the stream works for about 3 seconds and then hangs


- After a few days of running it will refuse to accept my wireless key, I know this because if I try and connect directly to the SSID it's broadcasting it just refuses to accept the correct key until it's had a reboot


- Intermittently drops internet traffic - will (Seemingly) randomly just drop traffic



I'm about to give in, but somebody tell me I've either got a faulty unit or there's a known workaround? I can't believe plus net actually give this to customers, right now it's more of a liability in that I'm going to have to take it to my local recycling place. Even more annoying it's so locked down you can't load open source firmware without soldering the board - if you are going to provide rubbish firmware on a device at least give users the option to put their own on....

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Re: Hub One Feedback

Mine's pretty solid for streaming & Web browsing.
Haven't come across the SSID issue personally.

Have you tried the Smart Wireless Refresh button under the Settings/Wireless tab to do a fresh scan of which Wi-Fi channels would be best to use where you are?
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Re: Hub One Feedback

I do a lot of streaming and not had any noticable issues or internet dropouts. Could your unit be faulty?

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Re: Hub One Feedback

I went back to the HH5b - far better IMO than the pink footed junk Plusnet send out. 

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Re: Hub One Feedback

also not compatible for gaming both xbox's will disconnect from xbox live and then it wont let us connect back to it. i think router needs a firmware update for upnp or could be nat issue.