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How not to welcome a new customer

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How not to welcome a new customer

I ordered a changeover to Plusnet on Friday 17th Feb, but PlusNet for reasons known only to themselves decided to activate my broadband on the 18th, not the 17th. Unfortunately I didn't spot this until after my old ISP had shut my broadband off, first thing on the 17th. On the 18th, I'm checking regularly, but nothing happens. It's now Sunday and of course there's nobody to answer the phones.

On Monday it's my 4th day with only mobile Internet and I phone first thing. There's no real explanation, just "sometimes it has to be activated manually". The guy on the phone says he's activated and it should come up soon. An hour and several reboots later, I'm Googling the "CHAP authentication error" in my modem logs. After setting a new password I'm finally in.

Not a good start at all.

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Re: How not to welcome a new customer

unfortunately the automated system , needs a kick or hit with a 14lb hammer 

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