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How do you report staff?

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How do you report staff?

I have a webcounter on my site and have for many years it had reached 251000 it suddenly dropped to 0 so I raised a tick  ID: 31297187 this has happend in the past and a ticket gets it fixed as all that is required is for someone to reset a txt file. Support claim its not down to them as its a coding issue. I have told them the code hasnot changed and has worked fine since 2002. I simple want them to put back may counter to 251000 plus its current value which can be seen
This has been going on since 21st December why cant they do such a simple task? Most other webcounters on the net the user can reset from a script. The effect of the counter change means advertisers wont like a low count or I have to spend a lot of time re writing all my webpages  as all my sites us the same counter
A support person is now calling me a lier he say my counter didnt drop but i gave him a link to a cached
which proves it
So he clearly hasnt looked at this as it show only 26 and it shows its using plusnet counter.
He then stated that he wouldnt do anything and suggest I go to some other company to get a counter. he claimed that as this has been going on since 21st dec that putting a new counter on the page has screwed up plus nets which is total rubbish.
For me to change all the counter on all the pages on all my sites with plus net would mean changing 150 pages just because suppor tis to idle to do their job.
I have been a customer for over 8 years and when I contact support I dont want to be told to go to another company to get a product to work. If my BB goes down will I be told to go to Talk Talk to get any service?
I want to report this member of staff as this is no way to run support for a long standing old customer. Its Plusnet web counter provided by plus net and should therefore be supported by plusnet its such a simple job it shouldnt take over 3 weeks unless Plus net discriminate against old people 
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Re: How do you report staff?

The source code of your websites (including the cached version that you linked to) show that you are not using the Plusnet counter and are using other ones from and This is causing some confusion I think in your support dialogues.  The only code referencing Plusnet is for referrals. Am I right to assume that you changed to these free counters when you saw the value reset?
If we did reset your counter http://www.****** to a value you define would that meet your expectations?
Please provide us with very clear direction of the Plusnet counter you are using (its URL), the website you are wanting to use it on and the value you wish us to reset it to and we will try to assist you.
- I have also replied to your ticket.