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Hope i havent made a huge mistake

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Hope i havent made a huge mistake

New Custermer ( 7 weeks ) . When i signed up i took advantage of paying up front for my line rental (12 months ) and first months rental , 5 weeks later through a threatening email discovered that they had never taken the original payment , then discovered that i had my phone cut off , waited in line for 30 mins plus to be told by a nice young lady that something had gone wrong when i signed up , gave my details again and payment taken . 26 hours later received another threatening email ( debt collectors ) , went on to my account and found my account *fully paid" . Today received a snail mail threatening letter 7 days after payment ! . Then i done something very stupid i signed up for the Plusnet mobile service and arranged for my old number to be ported , they stated it should take 1 to 2 days but alas now on day 5 and the nice young man at Plusnet couldnt hazzard a guess as to when i would get my old number back .I blame myself not Plusnet for believing their adverts, im old enough to klnow better.

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Plusnet Staff
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Re: Hope i havent made a huge mistake


Sorry to hear of the problems you're experiencing. Sad

I've set myself a reminder to take a look into your account first thing tomorrow and see what's happening.

Apologies for what appears to be a poor first impression.


[Edit] Sorry that your initial charge didn't go through at signup. I can see you called us to pay it last week; it's possible that the letter you received was already in the post before the invoice was paid.


Once again, apologies for the poor experience. I don't foresee any problems moving forward as your payment details are all stored on your account.

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