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Home phone switch

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Home phone switch

We recently (past couple of days) switched our phone line from BT to Plusnet.  Saving about £30 a month!  The switch-over was flawless with the guys at PlusNet phoning up to notify us of the state of our order quite regularly, although there was an issue with the guy who phoned after we switched saying we had all the services but we didn't have caller ID on, that was rectified and now we can go back to ignoring the people we don't like who call....
My mother can now phone her sister in the US every month, can call family in Wales 24/7 and save a fortune over BT.  The guys at PN bend over backwards to be helpful and sort issues out (I had an issue where I wanted the phone and broadband on differing accounts) so yeah, petty darn good.
One aside that I should point out, I'm put as a referrer for the phone line on my broadband, not really sure it's fair to have a 50p reduction off my DSL because the phone line is also sort of mine.  My mother also likes the referral thing, I think she's doing to find some people to switch Cheesy
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Re: Home phone switch

Thanks for the feedback Cheesy
I'm glad you're enjoying the referrals, we're always trying to push this channel as much as possible so it's good to hear that you're flying the flag for Plusnet Smiley