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Home Phone fault fixed

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Home Phone fault fixed

I'd just like to say a hugh thanks to the guys at Plusnet for getting my home phone fault fixed.  I phoned up CSC about 8pm last night after my phone started with a very loud crackel which meant we couldn't hear the other person, and they couldn't hear us.  I'd already disconnected everything else, and tried a different phone.  After just less than 2 mins on the phone to Plusnet (not costing me anything as it's a 0114 number and is included in my mobile tarriff), they where doing a line test and would raise it with BT if necessary.
I checked my ticket this morning, and had a couple of updates on it.  2pm this afternoon a BT engineer popped round to check everything was working again after he'd played about with a dodgy connection in the green box at the bottom of the road.
In comparison we had a very similar fault a year or so ago at my mums house.  The phone was totally dead though.  We where with BT at the time.  1st call to their 0800 number (costing me money from my mobile) I was on hold for about 20 mins before I was put through to someone, for them to say hi, then cut me off.  A second call to them and about a 30 minute wait before the person booked me an engineer visit for the following Thursday (I was calling on a Saturday).  The problem was the same though, a dodgy connection in the green box, so massive thanks to Plusnet for getting everything sorted and someone out to check out the line so quickly.  I knew it wasn't just the great savings I get with Plusnet that keeps me here!
If any of the comms guys see this thread, and get the chance to check out Ticket Number 27438460 could you please pass on my thanks to Peter and Keith who deblt with me.
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Re: Home Phone fault fixed

Couldn't agree more - I had a telephone fault last year (no dial tone at all). Rang in on mobile - pressed the button for homephone and the call was prioritised and answered immediately. Received a text in the afternoon  to say that it was being attended to by BT and by next morning all up and running again.