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Hiw to fix a BT Line Problem (Not!)

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Hiw to fix a BT Line Problem (Not!)

I have a problem outstanding with PN since 4th January.
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I reported a Voice problem and BT arranged an engineer visit for 4th January.  The engineer announced that he was going to patch my line to a different twisted pair on Cab16 connected to the Braintree exchange.

The engineer completed the work and asked if the line was ok.  I said Voice was now ok but that broadband had fallen off a cliff.  My router had recently been syncing  as high as 2784 kbps and now synced at a paltry 384 kbps as a result of the engineer patching my line to a different twisted pair.  I said that even with the Voice fault, the line had been syncing around 1800 kbps.  I explained that the engineer had only fixed one problem at the expense of introducing another and that the line problem was therefore still not fixed.  He said that I should get a broadband engineer and walked off the job.  The problem was clearly related either to BT’s line or the exchange.  BT owned this problem so what on Earth were they doing trying to pass it back to me?
Immediately after the engineer’s departure I reported the issue to PlusNet by telephone (pm 4th January).  Instead of working with BT to resolve the problem, PlusNet insisted on wasting my time performing completely unnecessary tests:  e.g. connecting my router directly to the master socket, disconnecting my Sky box for 48 hrs etc -  as if the problem could somehow be related with MY equipment. INCREDIBLE!
A whole two weeks and several increasingly exasperating and fruitless telephone conversations later, PlusNet eventually passed the problem to BT on 16th January, advising me that BT’s response should be expected within 48-72hrs i.e. by 19th January.  It is now 21st January, my line is still syncing at only 384 kbps, and it’s still not apparent what BT is doing. 
Can someone please knock a few heads together and get my line fixed?
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Re: Hiw to fix a BT Line Problem (Not!)

We've actually had a reply from BT following our ticket update yesterday and BT are requesting an engineer visit, I'll update your ticket with this information. FYI there will be standard text on there advising that if the fault is in your wiring internally then there may be an engineers fee, however as you've advised that the fault was caused by a previous engineer then this shouldn't be charged.
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