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Here I am, connected!

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Here I am, connected!

Well to day is migration day, and you can imagine how shocked I was to get home from work at 7am to find my broadband had already been migrated!!!
I was planning on keeping the BT Home Hub 3, but thought it best to connect the PlusNet supplied thmpson first, as all settings would be correct.
Anyway after 4 hours kip, I connected up the Thompson box to find I had all green lights but no internet connection.
I logged onto the router, entered my password, pressed CONNECT, still nothing.
I rang PlusNet.
What a refreshing change from BT!
The call was answered in 27seconds by an Enlish voice, who politely promised to get my service running.
Within 5 minutes, I had a connection, and the chap wished me well and hung up.
I then logged onto the router, personalised the SSID password, and checked the router stats, which are a little all over the place for now, but its a new connection, so a few tweaks will sort that out.

I thought then that I would reconnect my Home Hub 3, which I did, with interesting results.
Once connected, the HH3 sync'd at 12meg, whilst  the Thompson sync'd at 17meg.
1 of my major problems with BT was the poor speed, sometimes as slow as 5meg, even though my line can handle 18meg.
Maybe part of the problem was the supplied hardware from BT, although I had the same issues with a HH2.
Any way, I reconnected the Thompson, and it synchd at just under 15meg, which allowing for the 5 or 6 disconnections made by me, was quite good I thought.
Any way, it seems my worries were for nothing, well done PlusNet, and thank you Adam Walker to who gave a little help yesterday.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Here I am, connected!

Hi Devonian,
Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to reply back and let us know about this.
I will give some kudos to the chap in support you spoke to as it sounds like they did a sterling job.
I hope things continue to go smoothly, if not you know who to get in touch with Smiley
PS thanks for the name drop too, two in one day! Flattered isn't the word Cheesy
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 Adam Walker
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