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Happy :-)

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Happy :-)

I must say I'm happy with my new broadband and phone service. Been on about a month now.
My broadband speeds within a week or so of DLM matched that of my old provider. Don't see many disconnects. I think I've only experienced one brief outage this morning but Plusnet seemed to be straight on top of that and it didn't last very long. There was also a message on the support line to let you know so you didn't need to queue to ask someone about it. Really like being 'unlimited' now and for a fraction of the price I was paying for a 40Gig cap elswehere. Don't need to worry about what I want to do on the net anymore or what my Sky box might be downloading.
Phoneline's great too. No problems with that.
It's good to have this forum too as a lot of the time someone else has had the same query and you can find the answer and if not one of the support staff or indeed a fellow customer will help you out.
Sure, I had a few start-up woes but I guess you would get that anywhere.
So overall a thumbs up from me 🙂
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Happy :-)

Thanks for the post and glad to hear that you're happy with things.
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