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Happy So Far!

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Happy So Far!

I recently wrote a post to try and get some feedback regarding transferring to Plusnet mobile. There were some useful replies but nothing conclusive.

I decided to take the plunge and would like to leave some feedback. So far it has been a positive experience.

I ordered the SIM card on the evening of 1st jan 2018 and it had arrived by Wednesday the 3rd. By lunchtime on the 4th the sim was activated and I was up and running. The signal strength is comparable to EE and I also appear to have comparable download speeds, in fact from all the tests carried out Plusnet has been the fastest. This is with the same phone in the exact same position.  Arguably, I drop to 3g a little more often but nothing to worry about.

Initially, my data usage seemed to have increased and was being eaten up quickly without even using the phone. I have since changed some app settings and that now looks fine. In my case, one particular app was consuming data and one that I have never used, so that has now been isolated. Not sure if the settings changed during the network switch but I would advise people to check just what is using the data before assuming any Plusnet issues.

My number is currently being ported. I didn't request this until after 6pm on Thursday so I don't expect anything until next week.

Trying to contact Plusnet via the 500 number has proven difficult. Had a couple of attempts but have given up after10 minutes on each occasion. That said, it took me 30 minutes to get through to EE for a PAC code so no real detrimental differences.

So, in my case, I can say the that to date the experience has been nothing short of a Happy one. I have received regular updates during the transition, the network service seems fine and I am a satisfied customer.

Plenty of negative comments elsewhere that people are all too keen to publish but for once I would like to give credit where it is due.

Thank you so far Plusnet!

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Happy So Far!

Hi AndyH2!

Thanks for taking the time out to get in touch with us and leave your feedback, it's much appreciated. 

We do pride ourselves on our Customer Service here at Plusnet mobile and we aim to deliver a high standard of service at all times, so it's fantastic to hear of your positive experience with us so far.

We're glad you're enjoying all the services that Plusnet mobile has to offer you and any feed back that is given to us, only helps us to improve as a network provider overall. 

If you have any further questions, or require any assistance with your services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, as we'll always do our best to help. 

- Rebeka Smiley


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Re: Happy So Far!

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