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Had PlusNet for two weeks

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Had PlusNet for two weeks

So far things are good. Order process was very easy and I think the website is very good in terms of allowing easy tracking and modification of the services you have. I cant think of anything else that I would need in there.
Router came in a day. Service was ready when they said it would be. (About a week.) Speed is about what was estimated at time of order. Sucks I live in a non-LLU area but oh well.
I saw many negative reviews around after I ordered. Forgot to check before. Glad I did. Just shows me how careful you have to be with these review sites. They are not even close to a balanced scientific sampling. Basically useless in fact.
I did have one scary moment on the first day when the speed/latency was awful and pages were loading incomplete or taking five minutes. And then those reviews were flashing before me in my minds eye. But then I realised my cordless phone is right by the wireless router. Changed the router channel and things have been good since
Although I did feel the need to reboot the router twice so far when pages suddenly felt sluggish and it seemed to bring things right back. So maybe if there is a weak link its that Thompson thing. But im not even sure if thats just my imagination. Maybe Ill update in a few months. And I will definitely update if things go sour.
Otherwise looking good.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Had PlusNet for two weeks

Thanks very much for the feedback and a good account of your first couple of weeks with us.
Here's to things continuing to go smoothly for you and don't forget to give us a shout should you encounter any problems
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team