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Great service

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Registered: ‎09-04-2009

Great service

Have posted before to say how great PlusNet is, but I would just like to post again to clarify.
I was with a terrible local ISP before I switched to PlusNet and was plagued with disconnects and shoddy customer service.

I switched to Plusnet (ADSL) and was plagued with constant disconnects - I raised a ticket and in no time they found I actually had a fault on the BT line (the line rental side of things).
Well after that I had no problems for several years then I decided to upgrade to fibre.
It actually works out cheaper to get fibre for us as we have 5 people in our house using the internet, and with the fibre extra / pro addon (£25 / month) we don't even use half the download limit. This is with people watching netflix constantly and a load of gaming patches etc.
Joanne and several others from customer support helped us after giving them a direct private message on their forum account.

Would just like to say thanks again for a consistent, quality service.
Thanks again PlusNet Smiley
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Re: Great service

They are pretty good aren't they.  I had a problem with my line and I honestly think I would have struggled with another company to resolve it, but a few messages on here and it was all fixed.
Just an observation though- do you really need the pro add-on?, I thought it wasn't worth it with the fibre unlimited?
There is prioritisation on the line which makes sure games and VOIP etc get priority (it works great for me).  Is it maybe worth cancelling that?