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Great first impression.

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Great first impression.

Hi, I recently (27/04/15) placed an order to move to Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra from Talktalk LLU and was sent an email confirming my order and saying an engineer was coming today (13/05/15) 1300-1800. As my router had not arrived yesterday I opened a question with the Help assistant which was replied to this morning. The reply is baffling to say the least. I am now told that my install is provisionally set for 28/05/15 and the link to the Order tracker in the original email sent to me leads to a page stating I have "No order in progress". I did pay the upfront charge and received a "Welcome to Plusnet" email and letter.
I really would like to know what is actually happening with my order, if indeed anything.
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Re: Great first impression.

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