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Great Service

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Great Service

Hi on the 1st of Feb i ordered a transfer from BT to Plusnet inc phoneline with a broadband upgrade to FTTC.
I have to say how great and easy this was, once i ordered I rang plusnet to provide my MAC code. After giving my MAC code the operator then offered a exact date for the FTTC install with a time of 12-5pm.
Knowing that Openreach have been a pain in the ass for most customers I was very surprised to receive a call at 10:30 AM saying the afternoon was overbooked and if possible he would be round at 11:30 to do the install.
Once installed he said the sync was well within the provided speed estimated and left.
My estimation was 61Mb i am sync at 77.1Mb, I have to say how great and smooth this service has gone.
You have also saved me £50 every annual.
So Thank you plusnet for being the service you have advertised, Please say thanks to your support team and also Openreach as I feel all service has gone smoother than expected.
Now a little question if i tracert my first connection to the router shows 15ms 99ms 99ms is this normal, I expect it is but was just asking.
Thanks again for the smooth service provided
p.s thx for £90 cashback quidco lol
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Re: Great Service

Glad to hear your transfer went so well. Smiley
Those tracert pings to the Technicolor router are normal - it seems to be a by-product of the router prioritising its primary task of routing. If you ping the router (, or even tracert to the router, you should find all the pings are under 1ms.