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Good tech support

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Good tech support

Just got off the phone with Plusnet support for an intermittant disconnection issue i have had with my broadband line for over 3 months. (random but multiple broadband disconnections ) - normally get the line test -no fault found - well we can send and engineer 65 quid blah blah - have you tried reseting/master socket/factory reset/etc

i did all the things but never got anywhere. 


Tom at Tech support, darlington. - cheers boss. sorted an engineer to come out after actually seeing there was an issue, and not just sticking to the normal script. appreciate the less formal, much better conversation and having achieved something. top man. 


Created an account just for this. hopefully he gets a fat bonus and/or pay rise. or 2 pay rises and a packet of crisps (flavour of his choosing) thanks for the help. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Good tech support

Hi @JJmcneil,

Thank you very much for your kind feedback. It's great to hear that Tom was helpful and I will make sure that this is passed on, though I'm sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been as good the other times that you've contacted us. I've picked up your other thread now and will reply to that one shortly.

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 Plusnet Help Team