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'Good Honest Broadband from Yorkshire' - Not Anymore!

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'Good Honest Broadband from Yorkshire' - Not Anymore!

I am becoming extremely dissatisfied with Plusnet because of all the issues I am having with my broadband! Over the last 6-7 months I have been having issues with losing connection (like 3-4 times a day at one point - now not so bad) and today I am only getting 0.20 mbps download speeds. What is going on with you guysHuh I have been a customer of yours for many years and all I can put this down to is you trying to expand your business but not being able to support the service. Until this year I can't actually remember having any issues whatsoever. When I call with an issue all I get asked is to run this test, run that test, because apparently they don't want to end up charging me £60 if an issue is found on my side when they send out an engineer. Then to top it all off you get the 'we're going to run tests on your service and we'll be in contact in 48 to 72 hours' - is it me or does that sound way to long for anyone to be without a proper connection? When I was having issues with losing connection I actually gave up bothering in the end because all I ever heard was 'can you run this test, can you run that test, we'll be in touch' but nothing ever happened. In the end it just resolved itself. When you have critical business matters to deal with 48-72 hours does not cut it. This is so frustrating! I just spoke with Mandy on the technical team, very professional and kept her cool. Not your fault but can someone sort this outHuh
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Re: 'Good Honest Broadband from Yorkshire' - Not Anymore!

Hi there,
Just checked on the fault and passed it back for more information, looks like the next step is to get an engineer out to you to test the line from your premises - if you could update the ticket letting us know when someone will be available to point out the master socket etc we'll get it booked for you, it'd need to be weekdays (though looks like this Saturday is available at the moment, if you're quick) either in a morning slot between 8am and 1pm or an afternoon slot between 1pm and 6pm.