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Good Experience

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Good Experience

I am a computer technician and have seen people use Plusnet around my local area. In some cases I had to ring up customer service for people and every time the support has been great, fast and easy to understand being an English call centre. I also noticed how good the connection seemed to be so I decided to move over myself and ignore some of the bad reviews I saw. My experience was good, the move from BT was quick and with no issues and the speed is great. I went for the 76Mb package which was cheap. I don't get up to that speed but 40meg sometimes more or a little less but that was expected and to be honest its the same for every service I have seen. Its cheaper than what I had with BT and the speed is more than enough for what I need. I used the BT router I had and that was simple to set up. I think when people complain about speed they should check the equipment and settings first because its not always the service sometimes wireless signal going through thicker walls can reduce speed and making sure you have filters on every phone line that's connected with a phone is important and try not to use extension cables. You can even receive slow speeds by interference its worth checking all these things before blaming a service. For me I am happy I made the move, BT was charging me £6 for freeview ?? the Youview box works on Plusnet so don't know why BT were charging me for that, I had no extras just freeview alone. 

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Re: Good Experience

Thanks for posting up your good experience, it's always good to hear about when things go right.

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