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Getting madder by the day

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Getting madder by the day

I ordered fibre and phone package five weeks ago.  First I was given an installation date of 12 Sept and informed that a router would be delivered.  The router didn't appear  -  because it had not been ordered !!  When the engineer called about installation I had
to tell him not to come.  Without a router we would have been restricted to only one wired machine - - no thank you!
After a phone call from me a router was ordered and delivered.  Eventually another installation date was set (following more messaging from me and not initiated by Plusnet.
The installation was to be done yesterday ( 26 Sept ) but no engineer appeared and no information was given to me until I rang Plusnet again. The reason given was "order not built correctly in suppliers systems"  I translate that as. "Somebody messed up again". I still have no idea when my order will be completed.
I am not just underimpressed with Plusnet I am absolutely furious.  The contact system is sluggish and unwieldy.  Staff are pleasant but nothing happens in an efficient manner.  The time to answer phones is too long:  over ten minutes yesterday at 17.55.  During that call I could hear other staff laughing and chatting in the background.  One of them said to the person dealing with me, "Are you still on the phone?!  I wonder if other callers were waiting.
There have been both staff and systems failures on the part of Plusnet and its suppliers during this sorry saga - - and it's not over yet !!!!!!!

Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Getting madder by the day

Hi there,
I'm really sorry about the way things have started for you. The order not being built correctly refers to a problem between two of our suppliers' systems, though they have raised what's called a bridge case in order to get this fixed. This is set to be reviewed on the 29th (tomorrow) so we should be able to give you an update then.