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Full of Praise

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Registered: ‎09-10-2007

Full of Praise

I have to say that sinse I was sent a new Thomson router I am very happy with the service by Plusnet I was having problems with the line dropping at different intervals and the connection was slow and after raising many tickets about the router to be connected to the main plate socket all this technology scared me,untill somebody from the forums told me to change the router so now it seems that I have a new computer,there are times when it is a bit slow but before I had broadband I use to buy a My Internet card which cost me £10 and it lasted me a month and that was fairly slow so Plusnet is a vast improvment so I thank you for your service.
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Re: Full of Praise

Good to know that you are sorted. Interesting to see that you used the MyInternetPass card. I too used these long ago in dial-up days. Had to stop because it was so difficult to get connected - lines always busy. Thought that things might have improved but evidently not.