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Frustrating session with Plusnet customer "service" ... again

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Frustrating session with Plusnet customer "service" ... again

My mother moved from Plusnet to Virgin last year but kept kept her account to retain her email address. I believe she could have retained just the email facility for a small fee each month but she found the process of trying to talk to someone to sort this too difficult (she's 85). 

We have just found out she's not rec'd any emails since May (which explains a great deal ) because she's not deleted any and the IGB  limit has been maxed out.

I have just wasted 30 mins talking to someone parroting GDPR as an excuse why not to speak to me (who clearly doesnt understand it ) when all I want is general (NOT personal) advice on how she unblocks her mailbox and can the contents be transferred to another account I have set up without limit (unfortunately she deletes nothing!).

I'm advised I must provide a PoA but that doesnt exist because she is not yet 'fully gone' and whilst frequently confused relatively healthy. A conversation with the 'adviser' such as the one I spoke to would be utterly pointless.

I explained the situation carefully and that I was not looking for any personally identifiable information just confirmation of a process and - god forbid - perhaps even a common sense solution of "we'll give you 48hrs of sufficient mailbox capacity to enable her (me) to see and transfer her emails" . No, clearly that was too much to expect.

My situation cannot be unique and I shudder to think of the problems people have when parents die or suffer dementia. I suppose they'd eventually have a PoA or death certificte but what about the 'confused living' who can't remember passwords or account numbers?Huh

Unfortunately somewhere in her mailbox are vital documents - including medical insurance - which she is now unable to access. Additionally, there are emails containing photos of deceased family members which she wants to see.

I originally placed her in the care of Plusnet due to the 'customer service' of the rotund, jolly northerner but he's clearly been booted out by BT. Not impressed.


P.S. ironically, I note any reply will go to her email address for this account i.e. the blocked one so I won't even see if some kind soul can resolve this. You couldn't make it up really.


P.P.S. in fact just managed to change contact email address here to her new one I set up so at least may see any reply!


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Frustrating session with Plusnet customer "service" ... again

Hi @olddock,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience earlier today. Whilst I can certainly understand and appreciate your frustration with the situation, we always have to make sure the relevant security checks are passed before we can fully dive into the account. There's a couple of things you've mentioned in your post that I'd like to discuss in further detail, but not in public. So I can give you a call, please could you send me a Private Message to confirm your full name and a number I can reach you on?

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 Alex H
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Re: Frustrating session with Plusnet customer "service" ... again

on the PoA topic it is usually best to get this set up well before the person loses capacity as they need to agree to it. My wife and me have set up mutual PoAs in our early 70s hoping they will not be needed for many years yet, whilst ageing and loss of capacity is usually gradual, it is not always and a stroke (for instance) can cause instant incapacity.