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Forums as a way of reporting problems

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Re: Forums as a way of reporting problems

I am definitely one of @Townman's old farts as I refuse to be either a facer or twitterer (my wife calls me a twit but I think that's different).

I fully agree that the ticket system should be reinstated as the way to get low priority questions answered. However I also believe that this forum has a very important function in that:

1. If a Plusnet staffer replies to a question on the forum with an incorrect or illogical response then there are plenty of readers ready to point this out. This introduces a check and balance on the competence of answers.

2. In many instances problems lie outside of the remit of Plusnet, for example, problems with third party routers, wireless issues etc. In these cases, in many instances other Plusnet customers could have more experience then a Plusnet staffer, who may well be less skilled then those who respond on this forum, who is sitting in an office aligning questions with the best fitting crib sheet.

3. If there is a generic problem and solution then forum visibility takes a load off Plusnet staff who would otherwise need to respond to multiple individual tickets.

Many time I have read of customers who have been trying to get a problem resolved for ages and only finally come to the forum to vent their anger and explain why they are leaving. On many occasions their problem is then properly addressed and resolved.

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Re: Forums as a way of reporting problems

I must admit to being another member of the old farts club (maybe for more than one reason...). I don't use twitter or facebook - life's too short for the superficial [-Censored-] that tends to dominate there.

The forums do have a valuable role for Plusnet customers, but that is being diluted by becoming the destination of last resort for customers that have had problems outstanding for long periods with no resolution, or are unable to contact Plusnet via phone or chat.

Of course, perhaps the even bigger problem is the number of customers having problems with billing, refunds, or orders in the first place. The extended time taken to resolve such problems (literally months in many cases) just makes the problems worse.


Edit: interesting that the forum system censored a word that isn't a swear word, and has a well defined meaning which is precisely what I meant. Not that it matters as I'm sure everyone can substitute a suitable word even if it isn't the one I used.