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Foreign travel

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Foreign travel

Hi All
Just returned back from another lovely & memorable holiday in Goa
Having been there numerous times and most times using a local SIM card to keep in touch I can’t help but feel U.K. mobile phone operators are missing a trick
We used a lack SIM card made available by friends that gave unlimited local calls and 1.4gb of data daily.
The cost of this was about £5
The service provider was Vodaphone and it enabled us to keep in touch with home, book transport and phone anyone we needed to do whilst away.
The downside was that the sim had to be registered to the user and this involved biometric and financial data.
Fine for us because the owner let us use it
But what if we didn’t have access to the sim?
Using my Plusnet sim carries a hefty charge in comparison
Plus not having an Indian bank account made buying our own sim card a problem.

My point is that many people travel from the U.K. to India either for business or pleasure
Why can’t Plusnet build a relationship with an Indian service provider to give a reasonable priced service, so you don’t have to resort to obtaining a local sim?

The top up of the sim cost around £4

I was charged for using my Plusnet sim for just turning on my phone

Just a thought or wish?

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Re: Foreign travel

@StevenN    said.....  Why can’t Plusnet build a relationship with an Indian service provider....

Seems like a good idea.... but I think the Sheffield accent is (almost) easily understood by most PN customers in the U.K. 

Look what happened to BT.... outsourcing their CS to India... nobody could understand either side of a conversation..

and, NO.. this is NOT a racist comment... I am not racist, having lived in many "far eastern" countries, and was taught to drive by a very good friend, who is Indian, many years ago, passing my test at the first attempt. We spent many happy BBQ`s at the beach with his wife and kids. Glorious days.Wink